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New-born babies, pregnancy, adults.

Osteopathy for young & old.


Feeling comfortable during your 45-minute treatment helps you relax and recharge. A special pillow filled with Swiss pine wood chippings not only supports your cervical spine but also improves your well-being, increases your heart rate and intensifies relaxation. Comfortable blankets prevent you from cooling down and provide a cozy environment, all year around.


Being seen as a person, not only as a patient, supports therapy immensely. It helps you feel a deeper level of content, returning to every-day life more relaxed and fully recharged. That is why your health and quality of life are my utmost concern.

Booking appointments

You may fix appointments via phone, email or online. If you need to cancel or reschedule a fixed appointment, you may also do so via Threema or WhatsApp. This facilitates communication when I'm with a patient. 

Moreover, you may decide if you'd like to receive a free reminder two to three days prior to your appointment.


You will find a cozy kid's corner in the waiting area. You are also encouraged to play with your child during treatment to create a comfortable atmosphere and make them feel secure if they are shy in the beginning.


Newborns may snuggle up in a soft baby nest, and enjoy the warmth of our special baby heat lamp. If you forget your diaper bag, I'm happy to provide you with diapers and baby wipes. It goes without saying that you may always nurse your baby during treatment in case they are hungry or restless.


I'm proficient in English and possess advanced Spanish skills. Just let me know when you book your appointment or prior to your treatment if you might want to switch to another language.

Environmental Consciousness

I care about environmental protection and try to contribute as much as possible, within the framework of sanitary regulations I need to follow. Therefore, I consciously renounce PET bottles or disposable towels in my practice. I also prefer to send your invoices as a PDF file to your email address in order to decrease paper consumption. 

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