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Mutter und Töchter

Osteopathy for young & old.



Thank you for your interest! If you would like to learn more about osteopathy, my clinic and specialization or all about consultation fees and appointments, please check out the following pages. For additional questions, please see the FAQ section.

Thanks and stay safe!

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Friederike Günther

M. Sc. Osteopathie

Osteopahie glückauf Gelsenkirchen


Image by John Looy

From day one

How osteopathy may gently support new mums during and after their pregnancy.

Kleeblatt transparent.png
Mutter, die mit neugeborenem Baby lächel

Hello, world!

Osteopathy may also discover and treat dysfunctions found in your new-born child.

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betonte Frau


Stress may cause bodily reactions on situations we think are too overwhelming.

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